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Slide Tax News - Tax News

Do you need more time to get your documents in order for this year’s tax filing? The good news is that the Internal Revenue Service has an easy way for you to extend your tax deadline by six months by filing a tax extension. The IRS does not care why you are filing an extension as long as its submitted by the April due date.  READ MORE

Tax extensions are only for additional time to file. Taxes are still due on the original due date: The best way to get this tax paid on time is to estimate what you will owe.  READ MORE

As the tax filing deadline for returns etches closer, there is no reason to panic. You can quickly obtain 6 more months by filing a tax extension.  READ MORE

Small-Business Tax Deductions

When you own a small business, tax deductions are crucial to avoiding the overpayment of taxes to IRS. Here are important expenses to track for reducing your tax bill. Auto expenses Standard mileage rate. You may deduct mileage, parking fees and tolls for business use...

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Retiree Tax Secrets

The cost of living is a huge consideration when deciding on where to retire. However, a tax on your retirement funds and or Social Security might be your worst nightmare. Before selling your home to downsize in a picture-perfect retirement community, beware of high...

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Overlooked Business Startup Expenses

Track your business startup costs the moment you spend one penny. Starting any business can be overwhelming for even an experienced business person. But owing the IRS for profits you didn’t actually receive, is even more aggravating. To avoid this scenario, you must...

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Cheap to Start Side Businesses

If you have little to no money to start a business, then check out these great service businesses below. They will cost you a little bit of effort, but not much money. Concierge or personal assistant service If you live in an affluent area, you would be amazed at what...

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Why You Should File a Tax Extension

This year's April deadline gives all taxpayers a set date to complete their tax return, but even with that extra time, not everyone's going to be able to file. There are many reasons why individuals and businesses need the additional 6 months that filing a tax...

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Tricks to Reduce Property Taxes

If you would like to save money on property taxes, you must first find ways to reduce the perceived value of your home and property. The only way to do this is by successfully arguing that your house isn’t worth as much as the government says it is. Here are easy...

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Tricks to Minimizing Taxes on Your Side Gig

The average person now has, or is at least thinking about getting themselves a side gig. This is due to the decline in high paying jobs, more competition, higher cost of living, constant need for more education, and the vast amounts of debt eating away our pay checks....

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Things Your Tax Expert Wants You to Know

When selecting a preparer, most shop price and not experience. But when it comes to taxes, the state, and the IRS, it’s better not to cut corners. There are some tax preparers that only go through a week course, while others are highly educated and seasoned experts....

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Last-Minute Deductions to Reduce Taxes

If you are trying to avoid overpaying the IRS and state taxes the last thing you want is to be charged late fees and penalties. You should file a tax extension if you plan on taking more time to gather and complete your tax return. However, you must pay the estimated...

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Top Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Two in five workers over the age of 60 believe they will never be able to retire. Half say they’ll have to wait until at least 70 to stop working. In addition, 8 percent of workers aged 55 or older have already taken on a second job. However, not all part-time jobs...

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Avoid the Related-Party Matching Rule

The related-party matching rule places your business on the cash method for deducting payments to related cash-method payees. You need to know this rule to avoid unexpected tax results.   When Are Parties Related?   In an income tax context, related parties include...

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Write-off Start-Up Business Expenses

The start-up cost of a business can be daunting. In fact, many new owners keep such poor track of their personal investment into their new business, they end up owing taxes on money they never saw. Why is this? Because when their business taxes were prepared, they...

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