Track your business startup costs the moment you spend one penny. Starting any business can be overwhelming for even an experienced business person. But owing the IRS for profits you didn’t actually receive, is even more aggravating. To avoid this scenario, you must keep excellent track of all expenses from day one.

Here is a great list of expenses to track – but more is always better:


  • Market analysis and all materials that went into research
  • Consultant and professional fees
  • Logo, graphics etc.
  • Website
  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Specialty phone numbers, forwarding services
  • Paper-clicks or online advertising
  • Computer, software, fax machine, printer, paper etc.
  • Initial inventory and supplies
  • Phone system, cellular phones
  • Traditional advertising, mailers, phone book, flyers, tv, and radio ads etc.
  • Paying workers, employees or independent contractors before the business opens
  • Business cards and design
  • Filing your business entity, EFTPS, State and Federal filings
  • Accounting software, or manual entry books
  • Cash receipts
  • Business space lease
  • Business/office furniture
  • Deposits to open utilities, phones, internet, leases, mailboxes, services etc.
  • Signs and decals
  • Remodeling leased space to suit needs of business
  • Packing, shipping supplies, and postage
  • Return labels and stamps
  • Cleaning
  • General repairs to facility
  • Equipment, machines, vehicles etc.
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